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Alyassia "Asia" Taylor, Owner/Designer/Creator

Devynn Bedford,


work samples

Cinematic Commercials and Promotion Videos

2022 - LVNDR Soul Savin' Saturdays

2021 - Rastaprofile Cinematic Ad

2023 - Media for Pleasant City Family Reunion Event

2023 - Pleasant City Family Reunion Website

2023 - Neighborhood Association Website

2020 - hosting and website (no longer active)

2023 - Logo Design for MARCBANKS Foundation nonprofit

2020 - hosting and website (no longer active)

Photo credit - Trevor Best

about us

Experience the transformation from vision to reality with Stormborn Media Group—a dynamic duo comprising a passionate mother and her talented daughter.

What began as a quest for a website soon evolved into crafting captivating social media content, designing captivating business cards, and fashioning an unforgettable logo for those around us. With an unwavering commitment to our clients, we specialize in igniting the potential of seemingly modest projects that hold immeasurable significance. Unlocking the power of your dreams, we have perfected the art of making small businesses radiate with the grandeur of industry giants. Welcome to Stormborn Media, where we bring your aspirations to life.

Contact us to discuss your needs and vision and let's begin this journey together.

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